Guy Going Under: A Cave Adventure hits the shelf

Guy Going Under: A Cave Adventure

Yes, my new novel, Guy Going Under: A Cave Adventure, is now out there. It, like the bookshelf it rests on, is virtual and can be purchased as a Kindle eBook at The paperback version should become available soon.

As an adolescent, I was taken with Tom Sawyer’s cave adventure because I grew up near the Mississippi River in southeast Iowa, not too far north of Hannibal, Missouri. I suppose Mark Twain’s story first planted the idea of writing my own cave tale. Yes, it took me a few decades to make it happen, but I did do it. My tale is set in the Pacific Northwest rather than in the Midwest; Seattle plays a part, but most of the action takes place on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. Or maybe I should say under the Olympic Peninsula, since this a cave story. I’ll have a little more to say about the actual story in a follow-up post.


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  1. Must pickup this book. Read Butterfly Powder and the Mountains of Iowa and it was wonderful. So this will no doubt be just as good or better. Sounds fun.

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