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Iowana [ahy-uh-wan-uh] n.
1. Material relating to the culture and heritage of the state of Iowa.
2. A person who desperately wants to wants to come to, or reside in, Iowa.  (Okay, I just made up that definition but hey, it’s possible!)
3. some interesting stuff about Iowa.


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Historic photos of West Point, Iowa

What visitors want

Most tourists are
looking for this:
Well, Iowa has pretty much
the same thing:

Yes, even though Iowa “has pretty much the same thing” in what tourists are looking for, some visitors still have a yen to leave the beaten track and encounter Iowa on a different plane. These adventurous types will will find they’re not doing their viewing on a pancake-flat landscape at all.

While the travel information most visitors have been exposed to until now informs them that a mere 1200 feet separate the lowest and highest elevation in the state, the adventurers are not leaving their altimeters at home. Rather, they are out discovering that with a little creative guidance the topography can be anything but flat. Check out the topographic representation below.

Granted, at this point it would be only natural to want to rush off looking for these wispy Mountains of Iowa. And yes, a few skeptics might even be thinking this is some kind of carefully doctored map. In either case you might do well to read Butterfly Powder and the Mountains of Iowa. For an excerpt, “Click to Look Inside” or download a sample from Butterfly Powder and the Mountains of Iowa at Amazon.

Within its pages you might also pick up a thing or two about butterfly powder itself, a sprinkling of which nearly always helps uncertainties like this go down. Of course, to read the book, someone would first need to acquire it. So, if you missed the link above, we’ve thoughtfully added another “buy the book” link here–for paperback or a Kindle ebook.

Those who don’t wish to buy the book at this time but for the moment just want a little visitor information without the total experience, should proceed to “Iowa Tourist Guide” with links to a number of alternative Iowa sights and experiences.


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