Circumstances of geography and history placed the author’s parents on the losing side in World War II. Their grueling experiences left each holding a lifelong personal secret and a story begging to be told. The telling, coalesced from an accumulation of interviews, memoirs, on-site research, and historical context, is a narrative that weaves its way through the chronology of Hitler’s Third Reich and some of Stalin’s postwar reign of terror. This saga of ordinary people attempting to cope in an extraordinarily dangerous time recounts a compelling story and provides a fresh perspective of life on the enemy side.

World War narrative history

In The Secret She Carried: A Perilous Odyssey Through the Time of Hitler, a young woman and her tiny Sudetenland German community grapple with survival in the period encompassing the world wars but find the apocalyptic peace that follows the Nazi defeat even more ruinous. The book is currently available as a paperback through Amazon.com, Amazon.de, or by ordering through bookstores. E-book versions of The Secret She Carried are available at many outlets including Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo.

A companion volume will relate the story of the author’s father, a man who by guile and luck survived the Eastern Front, the Allied onslaught on Germany, and American bombs when very few others in his German Panzergrenadier division did. Like his wife-to-be, he emerged from the war bearing a secret.

Fiction by Erich Eipert

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